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The Stings Of Conscience [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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haven't updated in a while but just for this blatant plug.... [Aug. 22nd, 2004|03:31 pm]
...i'm selling a ton of my stuff on ebay... loads of cool albums from punk through to hardcore bands (some rare ones too) and even a few ps2 games. so if you'd like to check it out head over to ebay via this link

Big fuck off sell off, oh yeah!

Apart from that, everything is pretty good, moving shite loads of stuff around at work, but there's been a few pretty ladies started, which has kept me on my toes... haha... I think my chances are little, as nice guys finish last and all... but who cares, you only live once right? I might as well make a prat out of myself a million times then!!! whoop!

Another example of nice guys finishing last... anyone see the end of that US shit-hit 'Average Joe' ... well you'll know what I mean if you did!
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the pre-birthday weekend edition. [Jul. 22nd, 2004|08:51 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[[Audio] |Evergreen Terrace - 'At Our Worst']

well i have everything to look forward to this weekend... and after a shite week at work I hope it's good fun! Though it's costing me a fortune nearly being 21 already... cost me £20 on cakes and stuff, as its my turn seeing as its my birthday and all. Then we have saturday... Torquay should be fun although, I might even get drunk enough to even attempt to chat up some lovely ladies (which I can find slightly difficult sometimes!) But yeah hopefully all will be great and I get to sound all jolly and merry about it after the weekend, though still a tad worried what the bastards have lined up for me when we're out :S

wish me luck!
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another week, another lame entry! [Jul. 3rd, 2004|11:23 pm]
This week work was quiet... but it's the quiet before the storm, as two people left this week and we'll be severely under staffed on certain days next week :S Nevermind, did manage to chat to that lass at work more, totally not my type, goes clubbing all three nights of the weekend (no offence, not my scene) and she actually has a lack of personality, or a severe problem with shyness... she's infact the prime example of children should be seen and not heard.. It's a shame really, she seems very nice apart from all that. Probably going to go to a greek restaurant for my 21st, with the lot from work and maybe a few select friends... should be smashin' (literally), although if the greeks start gloting about being finalists (or winners, depending on tomorrow's result) I shall say 'Oi! Greekies NOOOOOO!!!!!!' but yeah i guess fair play to them, they've done it the hard way, even though I want portugal to win now as Greece make me think 'The new Germany' now. But what can I say after a lul i've got right back into music, films and football so there's no stopping me now!!! And I have two teams in the premiership to keep tabs on now, the two teams I first ever saw at selhurst park in the mid 80's... so that's Man Utd (the scum, as commonly known) and Crystal Palace... I have my reasons for both, but i'm sure you've already decided one is for 'glory' reasons! Anyway enough about football! Just waiting for the new Unearth album to drop through the door, should be an awesome release, can't wait to review it.

Er... what else this week... hmm... I'm suppose to be meeting up with the lovely Kerry, who I haven't seen for a while, so that'll be quite cool. Apart from that I just have to tolerant work and hope the week goes to plan!
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they fucking went and won! [Jun. 21st, 2004|10:19 pm]

what a resilt how pleased am i.... actually how drunk am i? might ask that girl out tomorrow... fuck it!

i'm plastered!

whoop whoop....

whooo hoo ohh hooo hoo whooo hooo oooh hooo hoooo!!!!
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devon women are just weird. [Jun. 21st, 2004|06:01 pm]
I'm sure I didn't have this much trouble asking girls out before, but i'm rather hesitate with girls down here, as most of them don't seem to know if they're coming or going, it's ridiculous! Blowing hot one minute cold the next... I think I should become a monk... ok maybe a little too late for all that jazz.... I mean in the last month I meet not one but TWO girls that I quite like that seem pretty nice, one I met up with had a great time, then continued texting saying how much fun she'd had, then the evening before our next meeting she calls it off then communication lines go dead (well until today... a month later, now she seems pretty glad to be talking to me??!)

the other at work, I've shown some interest towards and someone has told her I like her... and when we talk we seem to get on really well but she seems a tad shy, and other times she'll just walk past me avoiding eye contact altogether, I mean if she didn't like me why doesn't she make it clear and not blowing hot or cold... maybe she's just shy, but I wish that she'd just tell me to fuck right off otherwise, atleast I'd know where i stand! I haven't full on at all, just friendly... (that's me too nice for my own damn good)... bah... i can't work either out at all, I never used to hve this trouble before, infact I probably get along with lasses better than most of my male mates! But I mean fuck I haven't become some weird yeti overnight, i don't think?!!!

I wish to bang my head against a wall now, any advice welcome... (tell me i'm a retard please)
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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2004|05:37 pm]

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(no subject) [Jun. 1st, 2004|12:05 am]
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2004|05:23 pm]
RG is a radioactive squirrel!!


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what a good week [May. 22nd, 2004|11:42 pm]
great week, met a really cool girl... hope to see her again... work was ok, but next week will be mental... Poole was great the other week, still can;t decide, i'll leave it with fate and how it goes with this great lass! brief message.... erm... because i'm tired. :D
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(no subject) [May. 3rd, 2004|12:54 am]
i'm seriously considering a move to dorset now, i mean what do I have to lose? there's nowt much here to keep me here and as i've said many times before devon is a fucked up place, with a big percentage of fucked up people! maybe a fresh start would be a good thing. Oh well... wo knows, i'll find out soon enough. I'm off to Poole again in just over a week so I'll have to check the place out more, seems pretty cool by the previous three visits i've had though....
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